May 31

Fill Out Forms

Fill Out Forms

Forms to Fill Out:       


These forms need to be filled out prior to the ADD evaluation.  They include the child’s medical history; and the questionnaires that need to be filled out by the parents, the teachers, and the patient. This paperwork needs to be filled out at least 48 hours prior to the ADD evaluation.  Click this Link and go to forms.

Apr 08

How Medicine and Coaching can work for ADD patients

Mar 12

Video-Dr Caplan talks with former ADD patient

Mar 12

Video-About ADD-Dr Caplan

Feb 04


Murray Caplan MD has opened ADD Consultants in order to create a center in Denver totally devoted to diagnosing and treating ADD/ADHD in children, teens, and adults. Dr.Caplan has over 30 years experience in this sub-specialty of pediatrics. Now he is putting aside or stopping his practice of general pediatrics; so that he may focus 100% of his time to this condition. Dr.Caplan continues to see that the combination of the smallest and safest dose of medication, along with a solid dose of effective behavior modification, has served his patients very well in school as well as in life.

Dr.Caplan has what you would call a “clinic without walls for ADD/ADHD”. That is to say, even though he is a sole provider at his clinic; he does work with behavioral specialists in the field of educational accommodations, emotional problems, and learning disabilities(eg.=dyslexia). He does not provide primary care pediatric service. Even though Dr.Caplan has an expert knowledge of the safest medication involved in the treatment of ADHD; he has also helped young people when the parents choose not to use medication.

Dr.Caplan has worked over the years to find the least expensive medication and behavioral therapy that works for young people ages five through college. He is also found that weekend and evening hours have been very helpful to these patients. That is why he is setting his office hours to be
Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM. He is also allowing his patients to communicate and make appointments through his email